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Screen Capture
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Lightshot App – the Best Way to Take a Screenshot on Windows PC

Lucas Johnson

Lightshot is app a display of your screen, edit it with various tools. Is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Lightshot download is a display capture application that enables you take screenshots of your screen or selected areas. With product, you can take your display or selected areas and upload it the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere. Free to download use.


Has a very user-friendly download Lightshot interface. Main window is divided into two parts: area and the editing area. Capture area, you can choose the area of your screen that you want capture. Editing area is where you can edit your with, various tools that offers. Main window consists of two panels: the screenshot panel, editing panel. In anel or a selected area. Editing panel allows you edit the, add annotations, save the in various formats.


Software is very easy use. Taking a is as simple as selecting and clicking “Take Screenshot” button. Editing your is also very easy. Various tools that Lightshot app offers are all self-explanatory and easy use. Take a, you just need to select the area you want capture and click the “Take Screenshot” button. Will be automatically saved cloud. Edit, you can use the editing panel. Editing panel provides various tools for adding annotations, arrows, text.


Application can take display captures of your entire screen or just a selected area. It also offers a few basic editing tools, such as the ability crop, resize, rotate. Lightshot Windows 10 is a very useful for taking screenshots. With product, you can take a of your entire or a selected area. Application also allows you edit.


Has very good Lightshot download free support. Developers are very responsive user feedback and they regularly release new versions of application with new features and bug fixes. You can find documentation, support forum on the website. Documentation is very well-written and provides detailed instructions on how use application. Support forum is very active you can get help from, developers and other users.


  1. What is Lightshot?
    There’s a application that allows you take screenshots of your scan, edit them.
  2. What platforms does Lightshot support?
    Is accessed at for Windows, Mac, Linux.
  3. How do I take a screenshot with Lightshot?
    Take a display capture with, simply press “Print Screen” button on your keyboard. You can also press “Alt + Print Screen” button take a capture of just active window.
  4. How do I edit my screenshots with Lightshot?
    Edit your screenshots with, simply click on the “Edit” button in application. This will open up built-in image editor, where you can crop, rotate.
  5. How do I save my screenshots with Lightshot?
    Save yours display captures with, just click on the “Save” button in application. This will save your to your computer.


There soft is a very good annexure. It’s easy to use it offers all basic features that you would expect from a application. Support is also very good. Lightshot app download is a simple, easy to use supplement that lets you take screenshots and edit them. Annexure also lets you share the with others. Help section is extensive, covers all features of the app. If you need help, you can contact, support team via email.


  • Annex is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • It’s a great tool for Lightshot PC taking captures and for editing them.
  • It has a lot of features that are very useful, such as the ability to add text, annotations, arrows.
  • It’s a great Lightshot free for those who need to take screenshots frequently.


  • Download free Lightshot is not free.
  • It’s not available for all operating systems.

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